With over 15 years of experience, we know how to safely remove built-up grime and restore the beauty of glass, mosaic, slate, and other delicate tile.

Pool Tile and Stone require a special process to effectively remove the excess build up on your pool that can come from hard water and other elements.  Not all cleanings are created equal so PTS only utilizes natural non-toxic media when performing these services.  Not only will our process leave your pool spotless and looking like new, it will have no negative impact to your pool’s PH balance.  This process is effective, safe and does not harm your pool or surfaces in any way.  Most importantly, it does not harm you, your animals, or plants in the area unlike other media such as glass beads which are abrasive and difficult to clean up effectively.  It is of utmost importance that our process protects your pool’s integrity and keeps your family safe.

Pool Tile Savers’ process will clean and restore many different types of tile and stone surfaces including, but not limited to: glass, mosaics, slate, glazed and non-glazed surfaces, travertine, and all variations of rock and limestone.

Pool Tile Savers knows how important the visual appearance of your special features are like waterfalls, ponds, beams, scupper, fountains and more.  We recognize the value they bring to you visually and those who are enjoying your space.  PTS professionals are able to handle the unique characteristics of your pool’s features with care and precision.

Tile and Stone Cleaning Done the Right Way

Our specialized cleaning services are a meticulous blend of tailored solutions aimed at revitalizing your pool’s appearance and structural integrity. We target stubborn stains, calcium deposits, and hard water build-up, ensuring a comprehensive restoration. Tailored to individual pool needs, our approach guarantees a brilliant, inviting pool you’ll love to dive into and enjoy.

RESIDENTIAL Tile and Stone Cleaning


Tired of staring at dull, stained tile or mineral deposits building up in your backyard pool? Let us revitalize your residential pool surfaces with our specialized cleaning process.

Ready to Transform Your Pool?

Say goodbye to stains and wear – and hello to a sparkling, inviting pool you’ll love. Take the plunge into a rejuvenated oasis and schedule your restoration today.

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