Pool Tile Savers was founded over 15 years ago as a family run company designed to focus specifically on a problem that has been tormenting pool owners for decades. Internally, we have a servant-leadership philosophy that translates to a great experience for our clients from beginning to end.

The ultimate goal has always been to not only address the issues our clients are facing, but also to do it safely and effectively. The result is a proven solution that utilizing an anti-invasive media to clean pool surfaces without damaging our clients’ pool components in the process. The PTS family has tripled in size to continue this great service and to ensure that you are being cared for in the most professional way possible.

Trust the professionals at Pool Tiles Savers to provide you the safest, best, and least impactful process for pool surface restoration. Call today!

Before and After - Pool Tile Cleaning
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Don’t replace, RESTORE!  With over 15 years of experience, Pool Tile Savers is the #1 resource to help you safely and effectively remove the calcium and hard water build up from your pools Tile and Stone.


Don’t leave your pools integrity to chance. With 15+ years of experience in this specific field, we offer that along with a great overall experience from your initial inquiry until the project is finalized. Our process and team ensures that you obtain the data you are requesting quickly (same day), obtain a date/time and the work is performed in the most professional way possible giving you a non-invasive positive experience.


Our product/service is done with an all-natural product that does NOT damage the surface that’s being cleaned, the pool/equipment and more importantly it does not harm any humans, animals or plants. Alternative products/services can be abrasive and harmful causing lasting effects.


Not all pool tile or stone cleaning is created equal. We have trained professional technicians that have a 10+ point inspection process to ensure that the work conducted meets our standards and exceeds all other standards. When the work needs to be done right, don’t chance it with options that are not proven.


Our team which consists of multiple departments has the utmost professionalism in each phase of your experience. There is nothing worse than having one hand not knowing what the other is doing so we work diligently to ensure that professionalism and respect is accrued during each interaction within our team. We pride ourselves on being professional in our process from start to finish.

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