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Years of Experience

Why Choose Pool Tile Savers of Dallas?

If you’re tired of looking at white lines, calcium build up or unwanted algae….well, you’re not alone. Don’t replace, RESTORE!  With over 15 years of experience, Pool Tile Savers is the #1 resource to help you safely and effectively remove the calcium and hard water buildup from your pool’s Tile and Stone

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Pool Tile Restoration Services in Dallas

Transform your pool areas into a radiant oasis with our expert surface cleaning solutions including tile, stone, patio, deck, and more. Our team at Pool Tile Savers of Dallas specializes in revitalizing pools, ensuring every surface gleams with renewed brilliance. Using cutting-edge techniques and a wealth of experience, we delicately eliminate calcium and hard water build-up, restoring your pool’s tiles to their original pristine state.

Residential Pool Tile Restoration


Say goodbye to dull, lackluster surfaces and hello to a pool that sparkles with a captivating allure. Trust our expertise to revive your pool, elevating your swimming experience to a whole new level of luxury and sophistication.

Revitalize Your Pool with Expert Tile and Stone Cleaning Solutions

At Pool Tile Savers of Dallas, we’re not just in the business of cleaning tiles; we’re in the business of transforming pools and pool spaces. Our dedication to innovation, reliability, and unparalleled service has made us the trusted choice for pool owners seeking excellence.

Your Pool Revival Experts for Over 15 Years

Creating and maintaining a healthy pool environment generates a greater quality of time when you, your family and friends utilize those spaces.

Pool Tile Savers is excited to be part of maintaining that lifestyle that you have created by removing all of the unwanted build-up that can naturally occur over time.


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Restoration or Replacement: Pool Surface Solutions

Opting for restoration instead of replacement brings significant cost savings. It minimizes labor and time, preserves infrastructure, and extends the lifespan of pool surfaces. This cost-efficient approach reduces immediate expenses, lowers maintenance needs, and aligns with eco-friendly practices, all while rejuvenating your pool area.

Cost Efficiency

Restoring pool surfaces is often more cost-effective than full replacement, saving on the expenses associated with purchasing new tiles or materials and the labor required for installation.

Customized Solutions

Restoration allows for targeted repairs, addressing specific areas of concern without the need for an entire overhaul, leading to tailored and cost-effective solutions.

Low Environmental Impact

Choosing restoration over replacement aligns with sustainability goals by reducing waste from discarded materials, contributing positively to environmental preservation efforts.

Restore, Don’t Replace!

Choose restoration over replacement and see the remarkable transformation of your pool today.


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