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Fort Worth Pool Tile Cleaning

Revitalize Your Pool With Expert Pool Tile & Stone Cleaning Services

Remove calcium and hard water build up, clean up algae, and erase years of stains without replacing your pool’s tile or stone surface. Our Fort Worth Pool Tile Cleaning services are here to save you time and money.

Fort Worth Pool Tile Cleaning

Residential & Commercial Pool Surface Restoration Solutions in Fort Worth, TX

Don’t replace your pool’s surface; restore it. If you’re looking for an effective way to restore your pool’s tile or stone surfaces, without the cost, downtime, and hassle of replacement, Pool Tile Savers is for you. We specialize in transforming existing pool surfaces with an effective process that restores the look of all kinds of stone and tile without damaging your pool or creating an unsafe environment for plants, pets, or people.

Years of Experience

Professional, reliable service with great results.

All Natural Product

No damage to you, your pets, landscaping or equipment.

Inspection Process

We make sure our work meets our standards and exceeds all others’.

Fort Worth Pool Tile & Stone Cleaning for Homes & Businesses

Tailored to the needs of the client, Pool Tile Savers’ cleaning process is for everyone. Whether you have a residential pool, hotel pool, apartment pool, or resort pool, we’re the name to trust for professional service that helps you keep your pool looking great and functioning at its best.

Residential Pool Tile Cleaning in Fort Worth

Residential Pool Tile Cleaning in Fort Worth

Enjoy a brilliant, inviting pool you’ll love to dive into.

Commercial Pool Tile Cleaning in Fort Worth

Commercial Pool Tile Cleaning in Fort Worth

Keep clients happy and safe inside your showcase-ready pools.

Revitalize Your Pool Tile & More

TILE CLEANING glass, mosaic, slate, glazed stone, rock, brick

Austin, rock, brick, concrete


Our Fort Worth pool tile cleaning services are safe and effective on a variety of tile and stone surfaces. But the pool is only one part of your outdoor space. Our process is useful for cleaning dirt, grime and buildup on all sorts of outdoor surfaces, including:

  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Exterior Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pavers and Walkways
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Grills and BBQ Areas
  • Landscaping Features
  • Fencing
  • Light Fixtures
  • Gazebos and Shelters
Fort Worth Pool Tile Cleaners

Client Testimonial

Pool Tile Savers did an amazing job on our pool! Over the years, our pool tile built up hard water and calcium deposits that were embarrassing. We tried several different options to try and remove it ourselves to no avail. Pool Tile Savers made our pool look new again. We could not be happier with the results!

-Michael G.

Safe, Effective Pool Tile Cleaning for Your Fort Worth Pool

Pool tile and stone require a special process to effectively remove the excess build up on your pool that can come from hard water and other elements.  Not all cleanings are created equal so Pool Tile Savers only utilizes natural non-toxic media when performing our cleanings.  Not only will our process leave your pool spotless and looking like new, it will have no negative impact to your pool’s PH balance.  This process is effective, safe and does not harm your pool or surfaces in any way.  Most importantly, it does not harm you, your animals, or plants in the area, unlike other media such as glass beads which are abrasive and difficult to clean up effectively.  It is of utmost importance that our process protects your pool’s integrity and keeps your family safe. Our Fort Worth pool tile cleaning services are designed to do just that.

Our Pool Tile Cleaning Process

  • Lower the water level enough to gain access to the surfaces in need of cleaning.
  • Ensure that the pool is put into service mode so there is no damage to your pool’s equipment
  • Utilize pressurized water in conjunction with our all-natural mineral media to remove build up.
  • Safely and effectively remove calcium, rust, algae and other buildup.
  • Vacuum out mineral media after service. The mineral is water soluble, so any remaining dissipates within roughy 24 hours.
  • Time to enjoy your sparkling clean pool surfaces

Transform Your Fort Worth Pool Today

Choose restoration over replacement and see the remarkable transformation of your pool today.

Pool Tile Cleaning in Fort Worth