Get answers to all your pool tile and stone cleaning questions.

No, our proven process for almost 20 years uses an organic media to remove the buildup safely and effectively up without causing damage or harm to your surfaces, people or plants.  Other abrasive un-natural media options provide different outcomes.

We do not need to drain the pool.  Prior to beginning the project, the water line is lowered by draining the water below the surface requiring the service which is typically a few inches.  This provides access to the spaces that need to be cleaned.

No, our professional technicians follow a 10 + checklist in preparation for your service that include all of the necessary precautions to a proper service such as putting your pool into service mode prior to beginning.

No, our team will communicate our efficient process to you and if you will not be available then they will coordinate the proper methods to access the area while providing specific dates and time frames for your safety and security which is a top priority to PTS.

The pool can technically be utilized right away.  The organic media used for the cleaning actually improves the cleanliness of the pool but is of course used in high volume for the service so there is excess that take a day or so to dilute.  Also, the pool water level will need to be raised once the service is completed and that can take around a couple hours depending on the size of the pool.

Simply complete the online form, a quote will be provided to you the same day.  If you would like to move forward, there is an area on the quote that allows you to accept the quoted services and we will add you to the calendar right away.  It takes minutes to have your cleaning scheduled.

This depends on the size and scope of your project.  On average it can take a few hours to complete.  This information will be conveyed to you prior to the project beginning.